Saturday, July 18, 2015

Chicago Style Baby

This past September my brother got married on a cruise and a reception was held in October. Me and my DH flew out for the occasion and had a great visit. It's very hard to live so far away from family that you wish you could see so much more often.

We had a few different outings and made the brief trip even more enjoyable. We spent a nice evening with my Dad and his wife. My sis put on a pot of delicious chilli and we all just relaxed. My DH and Dad strumming on the guitar is something I will always cherish from this trip.

My Dad had a secret stash of Chicago style popcorn. I didn't realize how protective he was of it but I sure learned. This stuff is delicious, the combination of sweet/salty is just perfect and normally I don't go for that at all. His was bought from Costco and since I refuse to pay to belong to a shopping store we've not had it since. On Tuesday I had to go out for a doctor visit and afterwards fill a prescription and our local pharmacy has purchased a grocery store chain and they now sell their products in the store. Look what I found, Chicago Mix popcorn, you bet your boots I bought a bag and I think that was showing some good restraint. This is dangerously good and I know why mad Dad kept telling us to leave his!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Many flavors of Boneyard

I've decided to finish what's on my needles before I start. Sometimes it's just life that prevents you from finishing. I got this yarn with gift certificate money I had at Eat Sleep Knit - I'm super stoked that I still have money left to spend, these gift certificates are so awesome to receive! So I got this yarn because I knew I wanted to knit yet another Boneyard Shawl. I absolutely  love this pattern. You can switch it up so much just by different color variations. I have a solid grey, I've got solid stripes and this time I decided I wanted to knit it all one colour except the ridge row I wanted in an accent color and I will finish the shawl off with the accent color for the border.

These colors are so me! I chose Cascade Yarns Superwash in Silver Grey(MC) and Pacific(CC). I've just picked this one up again and I'm really enjoying it. I have no idea what sidetracked me but I'm glad to be working on it again and I can't wait to wear it!
Current WIP - Boneyard

A Prayer shawl I knit, I just had fun with the colour variations on this one - Patons Canadaina 
Cascade Painted in Reds for my Mom

My anytime shawl made in Berocco Ultra Alpaca

My version of Sock Monkey shawl using Patons Canadiana and the pink is Red Heart Soft 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I started this on January 2/15 with yarn I was gifted by my DH for my birthday in December. I have no idea why it has sat so long as an UFO. It's such a quick project. I'd pick it up from time to time, thinking I would have dropped a stitch, but thankfully I hadn't. I started picking it up seriously again this past weekend as I think part of my lost mojo for knitting is these UFO's hanging over my head. This is more blue than the photo shows, I took it last night. The yarn is gorgeous Madeline Tosh DK in Betty Drapers Blue and the pattern is Downton Cowl

It's such gorgeous yarn and a great pattern, I have another skein to use to make a hat with so that's the plan once this is off the needles.

Why are there always projects that sit as UFO's for so long?

Monday, July 13, 2015

Homemade Iced Cap

It's that time of year as we Canadians refer to as 'Iced Cap Season'. There is nothing better on a hot summer day than a cold iced cap from Timmies. However, there are times when you are at home and you just want one but you don't even want to brave the! Or, let's face it your coffee budget is used up...:D

The other day I wanted an Iced Cap but due to construction the closest one wasn't easily accessible so I went home and got creative and it turned out pretty darn good. There is less ice in mine but still quite impressive for a home recipe.

Homemade Iced Cap:
Pot of double strength brewed coffee(warm is ok)
Honey - 3 Tbsp

Fill blender almost to the top with ice cubes, add the honey and then fill the blender about half way with coffee. Add cream - this is a personal preference I based mine on how the colour was to my liking. I kind of know that by looking and you probably do to. I'd say maybe 1/4 to 1/2 cup. Blend away and pour into a nice glass and add a straw...enjoy! This made quite a bit about 7 servings.