Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Return

I feel just awful, this blog has been abandoned for almost a year!

I'm still here and everything is ok - life has just got in the way of blogging. That being said I plan on doing video blog and I will be uploading my first video this evening. I will link to that here when it goes live.

So what's new?

Well I did this. I made socks! I used this site. I will talk more on the video about what got me finally doing socks, but needless to say I am in love with it. This first pair was made with some inexpensive Loops and Thread - Luxury Sock yarn that I had on hand in color 'Ocean'. It was nice but then yesterday I cast on with Malabrigo sock, wow it's a night and day difference.

There is such a different in good quality yarn. I had this Malabrigo currently being knit up in a UFO that had been abandoned too long so I frogged it and got it ready for the second pair of socks. Now that I'm not at all that intimidated I started this pair last night it's Vanilla Latte Socks on Ravelry. So this is actually a sneak peek because I hadn't started them before I did my first video, but I will talk about them on my second episode.

I ordered a set of Sunstruck dpns from Knit Picks and I started the sock when I realized the yarn was getting caught, when I tried to slip it off the needle the rough part that was sticking out jabbed my thumb like a splinter. I'm waiting to hear back from them so far I only received their 'we got your email' reply. I hope they get back to me soon.

I look forward to this new way to keep in touch and I will post show notes here on the blog from each episode :D!


Vanilla Latte Socks

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